Building Commissioning Playbook

A guide to the commissioning process and the benefits it provides building owners

Can your building benefit from commissioning?

Absolutely. The commissioning process verifies and documents that a building’s systems are designed, installed, and performing according to the owner’s requirements.

And if you own an older building or one that’s been previously commissioned, retro-comissioning and re-commissioning processes can help your operations adapt to changing use and occupant needs while ensuring that all systems still function properly.

With effective commissioning services, building owners can recognize a number of cost-saving and operational benefits:

  • Greater energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills
  • Less time and money invested in maintenance and repairs
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased occupant safety
  • Better staff training

Download our Building Commissioning Playbook to see what commissioning services can do for your building.

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